Enrich My Child

EnrichMyChild.com is the hub of information about before and after-school activities. EnrichMyChild.com helps all players (parents, schools, and activity vendors) manage and communicate on the topic of extra-curricular enrichment activities.

EnrichMyChild.com helps parents by providing a single, easy-to-read list of before and after-school activities at their child’s school. Dates, costs, and contact information can all be found for the extra-curricular activities. Also, when parents register, they are able to see cross-school reviews of the activities provided by any particular vendor.

Schools also benefit from the single, easy-to-read list of before and after-school activities found on EnrichMyChild.com. Schools also have access to rosters and emergency contact information for each of the extra-curricular activities held at the school, should they need such information. Some schools elect to have EnrichMyChild.com a required component of their extra-curricular activities. All vendors working with such schools must register with EnrichMyChild.com and are required to keep their offered activities as well as rosters updated and current on EnrichMyChild.com.

Activity Vendors
Extra-curricular activity vendors benefit from EnrichMyChild.com by having a single directory or point of contact for listing the activities that they offer at any given time. Vendors are able to maintain their own lists of offered activities, and can accurately publish the associated dates, costs, and contact information for their activities. Gone are the days of printing and distributing flyers, as well as scrambling to notify parents and schools about the various details about their offered activities!